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Stash Debit 

Stash debit is a bank account, issued by Green Dot Bank,Member FDIC,designed especially for our investors.It won,t cost you anything to set up,there are no minimum balance requirements ,and we won,t charge you any monthly or annual fees to maintain the account.

Best of all,we won,t charge you overdraft fees.We think this last part is really important,because it sets us apart from traditional banks,which can charge $30 or more if you overdraw your account.

The Stash debit card gives you access to thousands of fee-free ATM,s around the U.S .You can deposit cash to your account through your linked bank account ,via direct deposit ,or at participating CVS Phamacy,Rite Aid and Walgreen stores.

The extras Stash Stock -Back  why not earn stock when you spend? If you enroll in the program ,every time you make a qualifying purchase stoat your favorite stores using your Stash debit card,you,ll earn a percentage back as stock. So if you buy at companies like Walmart ,Amazon or Starbucks or any of the other retailers on our investment platform,you,ll earn a percentage back as company stock .if you spend anywhere else,such as the local car wash or corner grocery store, you,ll earn a percentage back in a Stash-approved ETF .The trade will be executed and you,ll see your earned stock in your Stash Invest Portfolio.

Recurring Transfers;Stash lets you move money automatically into your debit account from your external bank account.All you have do is tap The Recurring Transfers, tile in the debit section of the Stash app,and then schedule how much money you want to move ,and how often.The Transfers will begin on the start date you choose ,and continue at the frequency you select.You,ll get a notification when a transfer is initiated,and when it,s completed .Recurring transfers are only available for Stash Debit customers.Stash invest customers can still can use Auto-Stash to schedule money transfers to their brokerage accounts 

ASAP Direct Deposit :Did you know that many big banks sit on your paycheck for a few days,so they can make more interest off your money ? With ASAP  Direct  Deposit, your paychecks can hit your Stash debit account up to 2 days early. So now that,s Stock-Back on your purchases, no hidden fees,AND getting your pay up to 2 days.Not that we,re keeping score or anything.

Saving:You,ll also have access to Stash,s proprietary savings tools,which analyze your daily spending to help you make smart spending and saving decisions ,and to keep you on track financially.

More about Stash Debit 

The Stash debit card is not a prepaid card or credit card. It,s a debit card you can use to make purchases in stores,online,or wherever Visa is accepted in the U.S.

There are a number of potential bank partners out there for companies like Stash ,so we canvassed the universe and selected Green Dot Bank because of their technology,people,and values.They are the partner for many tech-forward companies. 

Stash wants to help you get smart about your money.And we hope Stash debit will be another tool to help you make you make smart financial decisions.